Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michelle Pouliot Style Platforms

Tara demoing on a wooden platform
Larger size foam platform
We use these in freestyle classes to help teach the dog's positionals (heel, side, front, behind) and hind end awareness.  Several of you have asked about making your own platforms to use at home. 

In general the length of the box should be 3-4 inches longer and 1-2 inches wider than your dog stands when relaxed and comfortable.  The box should be no more than 2-2.5" inches in height and should be some sort of non-slip on both sides -- so that it doesn't slip on your flooring and so that your dog doesn't slip when standing on it. 

Or, if you want you can order them here:

Or here is a video on how to make your own fairly easily:

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